Why Use A Broker from Byfields Finance Solutions

Greater Choice

With literally hundreds of loans available from 35 different lenders we are more likely to find the right loan to suit your needs, as we are not restricted to just the products of your current bank.  We can also assist with any kind of finance needed – Home Loans, Business & Commercial finance, Equipment & Vehicles to name a few.

Save Money

With so many lenders and specials to choose from, we are far more likely to find the best deals available in the market at any time.  We also have the ability to make banks quote against each other to win your business, which helps ensure the best price for our clients.

Save Time

Part of the value of using Byfields is that we can do all the legwork on reviewing many different lending options until we find the right one.  Add to this our assistance through the process from pre-approval all the way through to settlement and beyond – and we save you a significant amount of time.  We will liaise with Real Estate Agents, Builders, Settlement Agents and your chosen bank to make the process as simple and painless as possible.

Tailored Fit

It can be confusing trying to understand and compare so many finance options, especially when all the lenders have such different fee and interest rate structures and often their own jargon to explain it which simply makes comparing them hard.  How do you know what fits you best?

Byfields Finance Solutions has the knowledge and experience to help you understand and compare these options, and then tailor the best solution to meet your needs.

Greater Chance of Approval

All lenders have different policies guidelines, and differ in how they measure your capacity to meet your commitments.  Consequently this means some lenders are more likely to approve your proposal than others.  This is why it is so important to have an experienced broker you trust who understands your situation and can find the right lender to secure the finance you need.

Peace of Mind

A good broker makes sure they understand your current position and your goals.  They will make your lending and the process sound simple, while giving you comfort in your decision by making sure you understand it.  By using a Byfields broker you should be able to sleep well at night, knowing someone who understands your needs has been working in your interest to get you the best deal possible for you – not your bank.

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