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First Home Buyers

Buying your first home doesn’t have to be a stressful or overwhelming experience.  Byfields Finance Solutions can help you understand and be comfortable, so you can enjoy this special step in your life.

You can even start with as little as a 2% deposit.

Let us guide you as to the best options for you from a wide variety of lenders.  We will even help you confirm your eligibility and the paperwork required for the First Home Owners Grant, to make sure you get all the benefits and concessions you are entitled to.

Contact Byfields Finance Solutions to discuss your specific situation in more detail.    

Please find below some basic information that might be sufficient to satisfy your immediate questions.


  • $10,000 grant, for buyers who are building a new home. This includes completed homes from builders that have never been lived in.


  • Note. Grants are no longer available for buyers buying an established property. However you may still be eligible for Stamp Duty exceptions as outlined below.


  • Stamp Duty exemptions are also available depending on the property:
    • Established home less than $430,000 = Nil Stamp Duty (save $14,430)
    • Vacant land less than $300,000 = Nil Stamp Duty (save $8,835)
    • Tiered discounts are available above these amounts as well.


  • Are you an individual who is over 18 years of age
  • You (and your spouse) have never owned property before in Australia
  • Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Do you plan on living in this house for at least 6 months, in the first year of purchasing

If you meet the above criteria, there is a good chance you qualify.

Contact Byfields Finance Solutions to find out more and discuss your specific situation.

Home Loans

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions most people make in their lifetime.  With such an important purchase you need to be making an informed decision about what is available, and what best suits your needs – not just considering what your current bank has available.

At Byfields Finance Solutions we have access to up to 35 lenders.  Each with different facilities, features and lending criteria.  Some will lend more than others, some are more competitive on price and others are more willing to help if your circumstances are difficult.

When you let Byfields help you through this maze, we will make sure we understand what is important to you.  We consider what your circumstances are and what your goals are in both the short and long term, as well as the little things that you may not have even thought of yet.  We can then help narrow these options to find the facility that best meets your needs at the most competitive price possible.

Importantly.  As we deal with lenders daily, we are able to get you the sharpest rates possible, as we create competition for your lending and are aware of all the specials and offers available in the market.

So whether you want a new home, your dream home or to refinance your existing loan to get a better deal…. Byfields can help.

Investment Loans

Property investment has always been a favourite for Australians looking to build their wealth. It is generally considered to be more stable than the stock market, and provides greater returns than what you get from bank interest.

With the right advice, property investment can provide tax advantages in negative gearing your income to reduce tax and has the potential for significant capital growth.  However, property investment can be a costly process if not done well.  You could be paying much more than you need to, diminishing any eventual profits.

This is where Byfields can help.  With access to 35 lenders, our finance experts will find the most competitive Investment loan options available, and guide you through the maze that is the loan process.

Recent changes to the way most banks view, assess and price investment loans, means there has never been more reason to have a Byfields finance expert help you navigate your options, or to review your existing facilities to get the best deal for you – not your bank.

At Byfields we have the added benefit of having access to Accountants and Financial Planners in the group that can help ensure your investment plans and tax structure are set up correctly to maximise your return, reach your goals and ensure you are compliant.

Call us today to find out how we can help you fund your next investment property, and build your wealth.

SMSF Investment Loans

In recent years Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) have been able to borrow for property investment under some complex and strict regulations.

Despite these complexities, there are significant financial benefits to buying property in your SMSF which can eventually include:

  • Generating tax free rental income
  • Zero Capital Gains on the sale of the asset
  • Protection of Assets by having it inside your SMSF.

However this kind of borrowing is complex, highly regulated and has many conditions as to what properties are eligible.  Add to this recently a lot of lenders have changed or removed their policy on SMSF loans, and it’s imperative you deal with a broker who is aware of these changes and offers to find you the right solutions.

Contact Byfields Financial Solutions to see how we can help you invest in property inside your SMSF.

Business Finance

If you have a business, there are two related points that are imperative to your success:

1) Ensuring you have the capital needed for your business to grow, so you can focus your time strategically on growing the business, not being in the business.

2) Having a finance relationship with someone who understands your business, is contactable and will support you.  Ideally acting in your best interest – not your banks.

Byfields Finance Solutions staff have over 13 years’ experience helping all kinds of businesses.  From small family businesses with overdrafts, to complex corporates with structured finance arrangements, Byfields can help.

Contact Byfields to find out more about how we can help your business with:

    • Working capital solutions
    • International trade
    • Cash-flow lending against your business
    • Invoice Finance
    • Industry Specialisations (Health & Professional Services)
    • Term debt
    • Commercial Property (Link to commercial Property page)
    • Vehicle & Equipment finance (Link to Vehicles & Equipment page)

Byfields has the experience to add value to your business, and help you reach your goals.  Call us to organise an obligation free chat about how we could help you.

Commercial Property

Commercial property is often considered a good investment in that it historically has provided a stronger yield and similar stability to investing in residential property, when compared to other asset classes such as investing in the share market.

Banks have some very different criteria is how they assess loans for commercial property. The structure of the loan is equally important in that the terms offered by different lenders are vastly different not just in the headline rates offered, but deposits required varying from just 20% at some lenders to 40% at others. Loan term can also vary from the standard 15 years up to 25 years depending on the bank, or may need to be matched to lease terms.

Whether you are a business owner looking to secure some longevity over your premises, or perhaps a savvy investor looking for the right investment for your portfolio – Contact Byfields for a free appointment to discuss your situation and how we can help you get the most competitive finance, in the best structure for your needs to maximise your return.

Vehicles & Equipment

Financing vehicles, equipment and other assets in your business is an effective way to free up your cash flow and often improve efficiency in your business.

At Byfields, we help our clients obtain the assets they need to grow and improve their business, and ensure our clients get a competitive rate by adding choice and competition to their existing banking.

We help our clients organise the best way to structure these assets and have a panel of lenders who can assist with any asset required:  Cars, Machinery, Farming & Earthmoving equipment, fit-outs and sometimes even IT & software.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you get the assets to improve your business.

Agri Finance

Farmers have unique needs compared to normal commercial clients.  Having a finance partner you can trust, who knows your business and understands agriculture is important to be able to organise the finance needed to keep your farm operational, growing and successful.


Byfields Finance Solutions is an award-winning finance resource for our clients.  We draw on almost 20 years of commercial lending experience and combined with the experience and relationships of the Byfields Group, Byfields Finance Solutions has a level of expertise in helping farmers that is second to none.


Regardless of whether you require some new equipment, or perhaps have a more complex need like to purchase additional farmland, or to refinance your lending to another bank or part of succession planning.  Byfields Finance Solutions has the skills to help make the process easier and get you the most competitive deal possible.


Byfields Finance provides solutions for our Agri clients throughout regional WA. Utilising Byfields regional locations in Beverley, Merredin, Narrogin, Northam, Wagin, York, & now Esperance.

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