Home Loans

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions most people make in their lifetime.  With such an important purchase you need to be making an informed decision about what is available, and what best suits your needs – not just considering what your current bank has available.

At Byfields Finance Solutions we have access to up to 35 lenders.  Each with different facilities, features and lending criteria.  Some will lend more than others, some are more competitive on price and others are more willing to help if your circumstances are difficult.

When you let Byfields help you through this maze, we will make sure we understand what is important to you.  We consider what your circumstances are and what your goals are in both the short and long term, as well as the little things that you may not have even thought of yet.  We can then help narrow these options to find the facility that best meets your needs at the most competitive price possible.

Importantly.  As we deal with lenders daily, we are able to get you the sharpest rates possible, as we create competition for your lending and are aware of all the specials and offers available in the market.

So whether you want a new home, your dream home or to refinance your existing loan to get a better deal…. Byfields can help.

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