Investment Loans

Property investment has always been a favourite for Australians looking to build their wealth. It is generally considered to be more stable than the stock market, and provides greater returns than what you get from bank interest.

With the right advice, property investment can provide tax advantages in negative gearing your income to reduce tax and has the potential for significant capital growth.  However, property investment can be a costly process if not done well.  You could be paying much more than you need to, diminishing any eventual profits.

This is where Byfields can help.  With access to over 35 lenders, our finance experts will find the most competitive Investment loan options available, and guide you through the maze that is the loan process.

Recent changes to the way most banks view, assess and price investment loans, means there has never been more reason to have a Byfields finance expert help you navigate your options, or to review your existing facilities to get the best deal for you – not your bank.

At Byfields we have the added benefit of having access to Accountants and Financial Planners in the group that can help ensure your investment plans and tax structure are set up correctly to maximise your return, reach your goals and ensure you are compliant.

Call us today to find out how we can help you fund your next investment property, and build your wealth.

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