SMSF Investment Loans

In recent years Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) have been able to borrow for property investment under some complex and strict regulations.

Despite these complexities, there are significant financial benefits to buying property in your SMSF which can eventually include:

  • Generating tax free rental income
  • Zero Capital Gains on the sale of the asset
  • Protection of Assets by having it inside your SMSF.

However this kind of borrowing is complex, highly regulated and has many conditions as to what properties are eligible.  Add to this recently a lot of lenders have changed or removed their policy on SMSF loans, and it’s imperative you deal with a broker who is aware of these changes and offers to find you the right solutions.

Contact Byfields Financial Solutions to see how we can help you invest in property inside your SMSF.

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